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How to write a Pet Eulogy

Whether you have lost a beloved pet or human, eulogies are beautiful ways to honor and praise the loved one who has passed on. Eulogies are usually shared at memorials or funeral services, but since pet funerals and memorial services are uncommon, Petminni has created online memorials with eulogies.

Eulogies are a way to pay tribute to your pet. They express how much the pet meant to you, and to share about the special bond and relationship. Expressing these memories and emotions is a powerful way to work through the grieving process. It allows you to love your pet in another way, and offer a step closer to closure. 

So what do you write? How do you say it? First off, I usually share with clients to close their eyes and sit in silence for a few moments and just think about the pet that has passed away. Think about what made your pet special to you. What did he or she do that made you feel special? How did they make you feel? What qualities did he or she possess that made you smile? 

Then take some notes down and write the answers. From there, you can tell your story on how you got the pet, how you decided on the name, and how the relationship began and/or how it formed into a close bond. Think of it as a story, with a beginning and an end. This helps with the flow of the eulogy. 

Another way to write an eulogy is to share how your pet’s health story and what happened to him or her. You do not have to get into too much detail, but as the caretaker, it can be very helpful to do this. It may be too traumatic to share, but if you feel the need to let some information out, it may be a sign you are holding onto a lot (responsibility, feelings, thoughts) and it needs to be released. In our “Community for Pet Parents”, we have discussions about pet healthcare and medicines, and pet health stories, which can be helpful for other pet parents to learn about as they care for their pets. Your pet’s health story could greatly impact another pet’s life. 

And lastly, you could write an eulogy of a combination of happy memories you had with your pet. Eulogies are personal and can be written in any way, and in any length. Let what you write flow from your heart. It could even be a poem, or song lyrics. Taking a moment in the beginning to close your eyes, and focus on your pet, helps you to formulate how you create the eulogy.

If you are still stuck on what to write, view eulogies of other Pet Memorials from this link- ‘Browse Memorials’. And if you are still feeling a mix of emotions of the loss of your pet, and could use guidance on how to navigate through this huge loss, contact Leslie at


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