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Leslie & Chilly




About Petminni

Hi, I'm Leslie, a former dog mom, a psychotherapist, counselor, wife, friend, yogi, world traveler, and more. Chilly was everything to my husband, Sumit, and I, and taught us so much about ourselves, life, and love. He was a white 5.5 lb pomeranian-chihuahua mix (aka Pomchi). He had heart failure at age 13 and given one year to live. So we stopped all international travel, and I eventually paused working to be by his side 24/7. We took him literally everywhere and made a bucket list for him. He completed it plus more! Also during the next 3 years, he had kidney failure which led to multiple ER visits. Amazingly he turned it around and kept on living happily. When he turned 16, he had another kidney failure episode and given 2 weeks to live. But this little guy was resilient like none other. He made it close to his 17th birthday! We are so grateful for the time we had with him, but his loss was devastating. 


 Immediately following his passing, I noticed his death was nothing like the death of my mom or other family members. Chilly was family, so his death should have been treated that way. But society does not acknowledge pets in this way. After my mom passed away, I was given support and love for months, she had a nice funeral and memorial service. After Chilly passed away, none of this happened. Everyone who knew us knew how special and important Chilly was to us. So why couldn't his passing be celebrated with a ceremony or memorial with friends and family?  


Losing our beloved pets is life-altering and traumatic. I decided to create Petminni in honor of Chilly. "Minni" is Icelandic for memory, and Chilly was mini in size :). I wanted to create a place for other pet parents and animal lovers to celebrate and remember their pets, and for this practice to become widely known and accepted in society. 


Petminni provides pet parents and pet lovers a space to keep memories of their pets. And it gives comfort to those who have lost their pets. To get started, visit our Pet Memorial page to create and share an online pet memorial, or gain therapeutic info from our Blog.

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