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In Loving Memory of

Beau Stamp of the Wild Witches (Bogie)

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Norwich Terrier
San Diego, California

Adorable, Quirky and Loving

Bogie was pure joy. He was born on the 4th of July by C-Section - the only one in the litter by his Mom Belle. The vet that delivered him told the breeder that she could make better money collecting stamps - thus his name. When we picked him up from customs (he was from Holland and had his own passport), he had been in a carrier without food or water almost 13 hours -- we were so concerned. I was allowed to go into this delivery warehouse to give him water while we waited for clearance. There, in the middle of this huge warehouse he sat, when I called him his sweet little face peered back at me tail wagging ...and I knew he was fine. Love, at first sight. A little comedian who loved to sit on HIS chair and allowed Daddy to sit next to him. (Before he came to live with us)when he was a pup, he fell into a pond and struggled to find a way out- because of this we believed he developed sensitivity to open areas -- he would stay as close to a fence as possible on his various walks...and he went everywhere with his older sis. The beach was his favorite and being the terrier that he was loved to dug and catch gophers!
When he was ten he began developing a behavior over about a year - he would spit up...not emptying his stomach - just spit. We thought it was acid reflux, then IBS. It disappeared for a while and then returned. We went through every test and medication. No answers. the doctors were beginning to think it was part of his natural uniqueness.
Then it came back tenfold. We saw another specialist that decided to scope him April of 2018. He had an inoperable adenocarcinoma of the stomach lining. We were heartbroken and devestated. We hand fed him and loved him and kept him as comfortable as we could. He had good days and then not so good days. A week after his 12th birthday he went to heaven. We will forever misss him.

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Beau Stamp of the Wild Witches (Bogie)


Tom & Janet Hudson

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