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Guinea Pig
Del City Oklahoma


Crowley came into my life on March,11,2017. I went to PetSmart with my mom and brother, I was intending on getting a hairy Guinea Pig but I saw a Hairless one, and picked her instead. I named her after Crowley from Supernatural. Crowley settled in quite well, her siblings Peanut, Vatani, and Pinecone welcomed her with love. Sara and Kodiak eventually joined the family in 2018. On April, 2, 2018 while home alone, I put Crowley on the living room floor and she went right towards the front door, and kept squealing, so I looked out the peephole and saw someone trying to open the door. Yeah, Crowley warned me, I called her my hero after that day. On Nov, 15,2020 I woke up to find that Crowley couldn't walk or hold her head up. She was cold, I tried warming her up but it wasn't helping. I said "God if you're ready for her, take her don't let her suffer, but if not help her get better". At 9:20 am she passed away, with me by her side. She is buried in a little pet cemetery I made, she burried next to a baby bird, a gecko lizard, a molf, a cricket and two squirrels. She was absolutely one of the best pets I've ever had. I hope one day I join her in paradise. Rest In Peace my sweet girl, Crowley- March,8,2016-Nov,15,2020

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