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American Short Hair
Charlotte, NC

Loyal, Playful, Moody

We found Kitty as a teenager outside in south Charlotte and I started feeding him american cheese slices as a kid. I recall other neighbors fed him cat food. In the end, we were able to keep him which was amazing to be one of the few Indian families at the time to adopt a pet.

- Given we never had a pet, my parents would cook fresh fish for kitty, and feed him pretty much whatever he wanted. His favorite was chicken tetrazzini. He ate pretty well.
- I used to love my Lego creations and so did kitty. He would swat most of the figures and destroy my creations which was part of the fun like a simulated godzilla attacking a simcity.
- My mom would read at night and kitty would jump on the table and just sit on the book for attention.
- Kitty had claws and could be pretty unfriendly if you don't know him and touch him below the neck. My brother would wear gloves to play with him. I think my mom and I knew him best and were never scratched unlike my brother. My dad just walked around telling him what to do and he did not really listen.
- We were watching another family's birds one night. They were 2 parakeets in a cage on a table. Next thing we know, we hear a huge crash and kitty somehow managed to knock over the cage. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was pretty how he managed to do this.
- He hated road trips to anywhere. He took one to Atlanta to visit my brother and was so happy to get back home. It goes without saying he did not care for his vet, Dr Boyle.

Kitty was overweight for his middle years partly because we fed him whatever. Later, we put him on a diet which went against everything indian parents believe in and he did lose some weight. He was always active no matter what until the very end. He went down swinging at the vet office. I was in college when it happened so was spared of the dreaded visit for euthanasia. I know we saw white streaks around the house for many years that followed in his memory.

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