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Terrier Mix
Talmo, GA

Loving, Protective, Loyal

From the moment I found the tiny little fluff all that she was abandoned in a parking lot, I knew it was live at first sight. There was no doubt she was going to be my baby girl. My 2 sons, aged 1 and 3 at the time, fell in love with her instantly and she fit right in. Always being mischievous with her new brothers, hiding from me and sneaking treats when I wasn't looking. As she got older, she became very protective of us and would not rest unless we were all inside and accounted for every night. There was a summer my boys were out of state visiting their grandparents and Smoochie stayed next to the front door the whole month crying every night until they came home. We knew she loved us as much as we did her. There were other pets who would wander into our home until we found them forever homes elsewhere and she would always mother them. She would lead them around showing them the do's and dont's of the home.
When I became pregnant with my daughter, we made sure to give Smoo a lot of extra love so she knew she wasn't being replaced. But sure enough, when my daughter was born, Smoo was by my side at all times to help me take care of her. Smoo fetched blankets and toys when she cried to ease her upset. She took up sleeping under my daughters crib to add a level of protection and the two of them became inseparable. When my daughter moved up to a big girl bed, Smoochie started sleeping in the bed with her.
The day we lost Smoochie was a day that shouldn't have happened. She would get so excited when it was time for our boys to come home from school that she would dance at the door to greet them when they walked in. On this day, I was walking out the door and she ran out past me... right into the road under the school bus. I have never experienced such heart ache as I did that day. It took my children and I weeks to even begin to cope with our loss. I blamed myself, and still kind of do, because I should have been more careful when walking outside. It has been over 4 years since our loss and the piece of our hearts that have broken off have yet to repair. She will forever be missed but we will cherish every single memory we still have of her. Our Smoochie Poo.

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