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Courtenay BC

Loving, curious, stubborn and adventurous

Murrey and I were together for 18 years! He gave me loving comfort and back talk and I gave it right back. His favorite spot was on his blanket in front of the warm fireplace.

As most say, your pet chooses you and Murrey was no different. When my friends cat had kittens, I of course went to go visit and Murrey promptly fell asleep on my feet and that was that!

With my previous cat, I had let my Mom go to the vet for Skids final moments - I shied away from being there with her and I regretted it ever since so this time around I really wanted to be there for myself and for Murrey. So while doing research I found my vet does home euthanasia visits as the last thing I wanted for both Murrey and myself was to have our final moments together be a stressful car ride to his least favorite place. So as soon as I heard of this option, I was in.

When the time was apparent, I had a select few friends and family come to be there to support me when the vet came and we had a beautiful ceremony in the backyard on his favorite spot in the garden. Afterwards, more friends came to support me and we had a wake in my kitchen to share stories and give everyone the opportunity to grieve their past pets if they wanted. It was such a treasure. Once everyone left, I kept Murrey on the counter and cried while taking in his distinct smell that I would never smell again. This process was so important and integral to my healing, I highly recommend this to anyone faced with the loss of a pet.

Murrey was a guiding light in my life and even in his death, pushed me to find ways to embrace those challenging times.

RIP my little muffin <3

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