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In Loving Memory of

Sophia Violet

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Yorkie poo
Hood River, OR

Dedicated, loving, easy going

I found out about Sophia while she was still in her mom's tummy. I got a call on February 1st 2009, the puppies had been born, and I went the next day and picked the puppy that would be my Sophia! Had her named picked out years before. From then on, I would visit a couple times a week, hold her, talk to her, waited for her eyes & ears to open. At 12 weeks I brought her home, I was so nervous because she was so little!! She was such an easy dog, only needed to potty a couple times a day, was happy to just lay around, wasn't a barker, but did love her treats!! As she got older she had a few health issues, one of them being her knees. Her knee caps were shallow, so her knees would pop in & out of their joints. When that happened I had to pop them back in. In 2018 we found out she had kidney disease. We gave her medicine to help it, and it worked for a couple years, until July 2020, when she got really sick. She always drank a lot of water, and loved her treats. So when she refused both I knew I needed to get her to her vet. The tests showed her kidneys were in bad shape, and physically I could see she was ready to go. On Friday July 10th we meet her vet at 4:30, and we said good bye. She was the best dog I ever had, and I miss her so much!!

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Sophia Violet


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