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Pomeranian-Chihuahau (Pomchi)
Raleigh, NC & Boston, MA

Resilient, Loving, Curious

Chilly was one special dog. He was practically our kid, son. He taught us so much about ourselves, life, and love. Chilly had heart failure at age 13 and given one year to live. So we stopped all international travel and Leslie eventually paused working to be by his side 24/7. We took him literally everywhere and made a bucket list for him. He completed it plus more! He traveled all over the US & Canada, went to museums, high tea, symphonies, plays, concerts, restaurants, dinner parties, etc.

Following his heart failure, in the next 3 years, he had kidney failure which led to multiple ER visits. Amazingly he turned it around and kept on living happily. When he turned 16, he had another kidney failure episode and given 2 weeks to live. But this little guy was resilient like none other. He wanted to keep living, and almost made it to his 17th birthday! We got closer in the last few years, so close he knew me better than I knew myself. He knew when I was sick, in a good mood or in a bad mood. He made sure I was ok, and checked in on me all the time by kissing me, or leaning on me, or just staring and watching me all the time. It was as if he was an angel watching over me.

Having heart disease and kidney disease is challenging for any pet parent to handle for their pet. They are battling diseases, as one hurts the other, so treatment options are tricky. We had to play around with dosage for his meds according to his weight, responses, and side effects. He took meds via syringe 3 times a day, the same time each day. We had to watch his breathing 24/7 for heart failure, as well as watch his eating/drinking/energy levels for his kidneys.

Chilly eventually passed away from having several strokes in the last few months. The strokes led to seizures, spinal and brain damage. Little guy eventually had trouble walking, eating and drinking. He lost his vision in one eye and lost his hearing towards the end. The last days were extremely sad, traumatic, and gut-wrenching. We are grateful for the time we had with him, but miss him so much, and I dedicate Petminni to him.

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