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Loving, Playful, Loyal

Ziggy was my first dog as an adult. I never ever thought I was a dog person but boy, he proved me wrong. After a rocky puppyhood (Vizsla puppies are monsters !!!!) we started bonding in a very strong way. We were pretty much always together as I do not work outside of the home. At about 1.5 years old, he started having seizures and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy (genetic in his case) and it took us a few years before finally managing it. The disease brought us even closer. We became very protective of each other, in a good way. Then, one evening, Ziggy seemed very uncomfortable and didn't sleep through the night. We rushed him to the vet hospital and then to a specialty hospital after we learned that he had fluid around his heart. They were able to save him but gave us a grim diagnosis : cardiac hemangiosarcoma. He made it 7 weeks longer...the saddest time in my life but also the most love filled. I stopped everything to be with him. There were some walks, some swims, lots of cuddles, naps, kisses and food tasting ^_^ His last day on earth was one of the most difficult experience of my life but we were able to have a very compassionate vet come to the house and help him pass peacefully. I'm forever grateful for that. It's been now a full year without him and I am still grieving, missing him more than ever. I am lucky to have lots of memories and I am sometimes able to look back and laugh about his goofiness and all the things, big and small, we did together. He taught me so much and changed me forever.

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