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Indian Ringneck Parrot
Westborough, MA

Curious, handsome, loving, intelligent.

I could only spend 20 days with Alexander, my parrot. Everyday after work I would dedicate 2-3 hours playing with him. I would take him to the basement and let him out of his cage to explore and fly. I was so happy when I was with him. Alexander travelled thousands of miles from Washington State to MA!!! He arrived on June 20, 2020. He was so strong that he sustained the travel. He was the Apple of everyone’s eye in my family!! His favorite food was the seed stick with honey which he ate when I fed him. And the most favorite of all were blackberries. He looked really funny with his purple stained beak. And he ate almost 2 full blackberries at a time!! I called him with several names the most common being Meetoo (which means sweet in Hindi). Alexander passed away on July 10th. He had spent the all of previous day with me in my office room. During the last few hours he was awake, he sat close to my office chair. As if to spend the final hours with his mommy! That night I put him in his cage, wished him good night, covered his cage from all sides with blankets as usual and put the lights off. The next day I saw him lying on the floor of his cage still, without breathing. I was devastated! But I find myself so fortunate and special to be the one to care for him and spend those special moments with him. When I returned to my office after burying me, I saw that Alexander had left a small green feather next to my office chair. He was saying to me that he loved me too! I will never forget my special Alexander and I hope to see him again! I love you Meetoo!!

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