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Jacksonville, FL

Nerdy, a tough scaredy-cat, food lover

Chai was too young to leave us. He was at a friends house for the weekend while we were out of town. A place where he had stayed before. As most pet owners know, there are certain things that dogs are allergic to. Well, our curious little fur child got into something that he shouldn’t have. Threw up for a few days straight. The people who he was staying with did nothing and did not alert us to this change in behavior (nor did they call their vet because they were dog owners too). Turns out he was experiencing acute pancreatic failure. His abdomen was as hard as a rock. When we returned from our trip, our “friend” delivered him to us at 7am in the morning and then explained the situation. I immediately called the vet and took him in and waited for the veterinarian to arrive. It all happened so fast. They took him to the back as soon as possible as if In an emergency situation. He was unable to walk, could barely move, looking at me with such sad eyes. Definitely one of the worst days of my life. He passed within a hour of me handing him over to the vet. He was young, on no medications, within his ideal weight and happy to be ours. To this day I have no idea what actually lead to this situation. We have our assumptions but that is all. We miss him dearly and he left us way too early.

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